Back in 2002, whilst I was studying for my Master of Arts, Visual Arts degree at Griffith University, Queensland, I created a very unusual video art piece using digital technology to mimic my main drawing hand (the right) in a mirrored effect, creating some exciting visual effects.

Later that year I started experimenting with drawing with two hands once and have since taught hundreds of people to draw and paint like this. My art was recognized by Livewire and then by Qantas Airways and I was asked to participate in a prime time ad across Australian networks and internationally.
In 2014 I won a major ‘Creative Industries’ award and one of my prizes was to feature in an episode of the hit art series ‘Colour in your Life’ with Graeme Stevenson, where I demonstrated my range of ambidextrous double handed approaches to art making.

I hope you enjoy watching and watch out for plenty more!

Qantas invited me to feature in an ad campaign showcasing Australian artist’s, for their ‘Double Points’ campaign for their Qantas Card.

This is the video that started it all in 2002. I had never heard of someone drawing with two hands at once, and after I made this experimental video as part of my Master of Arts Visual Arts degree research I started to experiment with using two hands at once.

My rendition of one of my very favourite Star Wars characters, the beloved Master Yoda.

I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia, and afterwards I was interviewed by journalist Harriet McInnerney from Vibewire. I discuss the charcoal on canvas artwork that I drew that day and later I gave it to Vibewire as a gift.

In 2014 I won a prestigious ‘Best Creative Industries’ award and as part of the prize an episode was made about me on the hugely popular Art’s program ‘Colour in your Life’.
I draw and paint two large ambidextrous works during the show on camera.