In January I had the great pleasure to be the guest of the Fraser Coast Council Libraries (Maryborough and Hervey Bay, Queensland).

I ran four Japanese manga workshops for young adults and then a day of drawing and painting manga inspired canvases with the help of young volunteers, their artistic Mum’s and the very enthusiastic librarians
Jenny Campbell (Children and Youth Services Librarian), Karlene Bullock
( Children and Youth Services Coordinator) and Samantha Thompson (Children and Youth Services Library Assistant).
Prints of the canvases will be displayed on the walls of the Young Adult section of the Libraries very soon.

Such a beautiful part of Australia and such friendly people, you must visit 🙂

My 10 Year Plan fulfilled :)

On the 1st of January 2010 I took a brush and some Chinese ink and brushed a 10 year plan for myself, as a motivation and inspiration. Like all such motivational writings it might seem a little grandiose but that’s sort of the point – to have a big dream and keep it in front of your eyes.
This book has hung on my studio wall(s) for a decade and today I look at it and see that strangely most of it has come true.

I have attempted to honour my masters in art by applying the wisdom and skills they freely taught me to all sorts of projects and I am very proud to have been involved with some pretty cool artistic endeavours. More to come!

My masters in Kung Fu have seen me grow from devoted disciple to an experienced Sifu (teacher and guide), confident in the art and knowing where to take the endless quest for deeper acheivements thanks to their wise and generous guidance.

One of the most wonderful ‘coming full circle’ events in my life occurred 2 years ago when, after 40 years, I reconnected with my original Scottish drumming Master, Colin ‘Buzz’ Ennis, my original teacher when I was 17!
He was two times Australian Champion and led a World Class drum corp.
Buzz has been teaching me again, mainly by Skype, and I have tried my best to honour him by practicing regularily and training as he prescribes for me.
He is still putting up with me so I guess I am doing ok and we have become good friends again.

I have a beautiful wife and kids and we are all happily together and prospering so theres that bit too 🙂
So why don’t you give it a go for yourself? Even a one year challenge / goal makes a difference.

My new old name :)

Today I did something I have been planning for quite a long time – I bought the domain name for my full name David Stewart Lovegrove.
Stewart has been a hereditary middle name in my family for five generations, remembering with pride our connection the Clan Stewart (we are also connected to the McGregors and the MacDonald’s of the Isles.
I was raised with a strong pride in our Scottish (and Stewart) ancestry, read works about Scots history and culture, and started learning Scottish Pipe Band snare drumming at the age of 12.

In 1992 I managed an Art Supplies business and a lovely and well educated lady, who supplied much of our stock, told me that she thought my full name was a perfect authors name 🙂

As it happened I went on the become a fine artist and illustrator yet always signed my artworks DSL.
I have always read widely both in fiction and non fiction, kept journals and diarys, and often corresponded with friends. Recently I wrote my first novel, a young adult sci fi epic and have a number of other projects on the go.
So, running with my literate friends’ intuition, almost 30 years later, I am going to proudly embrace my full name as my pen name.

In traditional Scots ‘walking out’ attire, enjoying my Nasturtiums.