My new old name :)

Today I did something I have been planning for quite a long time – I bought the domain name for my full name David Stewart Lovegrove.
Stewart has been a hereditary middle name in my family for five generations, remembering with pride our connection the Clan Stewart (we are also connected to the McGregors and the MacDonald’s of the Isles.
I was raised with a strong pride in our Scottish (and Stewart) ancestry, read works about Scots history and culture, and started learning Scottish Pipe Band snare drumming at the age of 12.

In 1992 I managed an Art Supplies business and a lovely and well educated lady, who supplied much of our stock, told me that she thought my full name was a perfect authors name 🙂

As it happened I went on the become a fine artist and illustrator yet always signed my artworks DSL.
I have always read widely both in fiction and non fiction, kept journals and diarys, and often corresponded with friends. Recently I wrote my first novel, a young adult sci fi epic and have a number of other projects on the go.
So, running with my literate friends’ intuition, almost 30 years later, I am going to proudly embrace my full name as my pen name.

In traditional Scots ‘walking out’ attire, enjoying my Nasturtiums.

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